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Apple Features And Added functions for User Convenience

Apple Features And Added functions for User Convenience

Apple has just released the design of App 6. This upgrade is available for iPhone4, 4S, iPad2, iPod Touch 4 and 5. This new OS comes with many interesting features that will delight the user and very easy. Let's learn more about these new things, one by one.

Maps by Apple

The biggest change that the user will see with this new version of OS is that Google Map is no longer part of Apple. Apple now has its own software designed to give card functionality. You will easily find clear navigation, traffic information and and 3D maps. Thus, there is only one original Quality of tickets that differs in market availability.

And again, you'll be amazed at how well the Fliover works. As the name suggests, you will be able to choose between large metered towns with the purpose of 3D displays that are relevant to users.

An updated version of Siri

Siri is the most talked about voice assistant since she was one year old. With the new upgrade, you will find Siri more efficient and smart than ever. Simply state the required information, including the movie plan, be it the updates, the Facebook status editing and tweets.

Social media involvement

With the new OS you can have Facebook for integration and advanced economy. You can easily share the images found in your camera application. You can even share the site with friends via the map. Fortunately, you will be able to integrate Facebook events calendar into your product. Similarly, you can sync phones on a Facebook account. All you have to do is log into your Facebook account and take advantage of the inconsistency.

Photos and iPhoto photos

It is easy to share photos through shared fashion photos. You are now able to share your photos with the group of people you provide. Select the photos you want to share from Photos> Share> Select people to share photos

People in your community who use the Photos or iPhoto app will be able to get photos quickly. For those who do not use these tools, they can view images on the web.

Facetime functionality

You can now use the FaceTime item. The user can easily make or receive a call using the FaceTime hide on your iPad. This is possible with your number. In addition, you will be able to receive FoTime faces on your Apple devices. This functionality is available on all Apple devices that support this feature, you can opt for 5 Best Ways to Video Call from Facetime to Android through other mode of communication and get connected through video-audio calls.

Updated Safari and email service

The iCloud tab is something you will be able to use to host the web on those web pages you have visited. This way, it will be easier for you to browse web pages on any Apple device and start searching when you last went. It is interesting that you can save your web pages through Safari, so that the content is available to you offline. In addition, you can now open full screen mode, Open iOS device (landscape mode)> Click the button in full screen. You can also edit your photos through Safari.

You can now easily select players to add to your VIP list. Whenever you receive any e-mail from your VIP list, you will be notified immediately. All you have to do is refresh your email to use the swipe feature, and you can add photos and videos to your email.

Panoramic views

iOS 6 has included a new app that works for iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and fifth generation users of iPhone users. This new digital camera makes it easy for the user to take full 240-degree photos. Use this app while shooting the viewing mode.

Call and DND functionality

If you are busy with this call coming to your iPhone, you can choose to reject it and send a message right away. Additionally, you can schedule call time on your iPhone by setting a call reminder.

For those annoying callers who want to keep their backs, you can send it to your DND (Do Not Disturb) list. You can even choose to receive notifications and calls from the add-ons to your VIP list.

iOS6 notebook

iOS6 allows you to capture your fidelity and transfer card information with your Passbook. Numbers associated with cones, tickets, tickets and much more are easy to store and handle. You can now quickly look for connection information on your iPhone or iPod touch. In addition, you will receive notification of expiration of written copies, and even inquiries about the amount on the cards.

The above suggestions will make your life easier without problems, and tasks will be easier to handle.

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